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After much deliberation the Dell EMC Elect members have been elected. This year had a whole new excitement following the merger of Dell TechCenter Rockstars and EMC Elect. Founders from both programs established the program and the interaction was great from the get-go.

Congratulations to all who made the official list which can be found here. The criteria for making the list can be seen below;

Key Characteristics of an outstanding EMC Elect candidate include:

  • Engagement – Members are those engaging here on the DECN, on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and in person at events.
  • Commitment – Being a part of the Dell EMC conversation day in and day out, offering thoughtful feedback and staying optimistic in your language.
  • Leadership – The kind of people who take every opportunity to engage with their peers and represent others as part of the community.

My own adaption of these characteristics can also be found in my last post.

There are some serious contributors on board now which I am certain will raise the profile of the Dell EMC Elect program to new levels and will in turn provide greater support for the wider Dell EMC community. There will be some disappointed not to make this list and all I can say is that there were nominees who made it this year who were disappointed last year. Continued demonstration of the key characteristics tipped them over the winning line!

Now the real work starts….



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After much discussion and debate the new DellEMC Social Influencers group has been established. The group combines EMCElect and Dell TechCenter Rockstars groups to represent the new world now the acquisition of EMC by Dell is complete and well behind us.

As the title of the post indicates we have a name but now we need to recruit members. Nominations are now open so please feel free to nominate yourself or other individuals who you feel are deserving of your vote. Ideal candidates will add value to the social and community engagement of the Dell EMC brand. Whether this be sharing content on the various social feeds, producing blog content, providing technical assistance on the various technical community sites, evangelising Dell EMC technology or acting as a leader for your organisation in Dell EMC technology including 360 feedback to product management on constructive feedback on areas for the betterment of your own team but others by proxy.

Nominations are open from February 27th until March 17th. Nomination form can be found here. Get busy and vote! 

As a founder of this newly established group I have the privilege to be a judge for 2017 members. The benefits are that you get to be part of a close group with privileged access to product management and roadmap info as well as pre-release presentation of major product releases in your focus area. The group itself is a great experience to collaborate with peers who are like minded but vary in role types within Customer, Partner and Dell EMC organisations.

If you are unsure what the DellEMC community is all about you can reach out to me on twitter, linkedIn or comment here. Happy to help. Also you can the check out the DellEMCElect open community page here.

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Just wanted to give you the heads up on some VMware Technical webcasts coming up on vSAN. These webcasts are great to brush up on the fundamentals as well as for business benefits. Also there are deeper dives into the technology for those looking to design vSAN solutions.

Registration is free so feel free to share

vSAN Online Fundamentals – March 8th, 10AM GMT:
Hyper‐Converged Infrastructure with VMware vSAN: What Is It and Why It Matters to Your Business – Register

Getting More Out of vSAN
Session 1 – March 14th, 10AM GMT “vSAN Architecture & Tips and Tricks for 6.5” –Register
Session 2 – March 24th, 10AM GMT “Server & Network Hardware Design Guide” – Register

HCI is very topical right now so tune in to find out what all the fuss is about

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Dell EMC World 2016 – Wrap Up

Meeting the Boss

  Meeting the Boss

My first Dell EMC World is complete and wow it certainly won’t be forgotten in a hurry. I was delighted to be invited as a social influencer. Dell EMC (with backing right from the top) included Social Influencers in the same category as main stream press and analyst media. This was a bold step but ultimately it meant executive level access and a custom agenda of private briefings with Dell EMC no in fact Dell Technologies leadership team and sneak peaks at technologies not yet released. The recognition that the Social media audience and reach is a powerful media stream that can educate, critique and comment on proceedings while not in the form of an IDC report or wikibon interview report but can still be as effective in amplifying the Dell EMC technology breaking news and feeding back customer/partner sentiment to this news in a frank, professional and honest manner. For this all access level access and hospitality, a sincere thank you!

The EMC Elect were designated a number of these Social Influencer invites and boy did we make it count. The keyboards and phones were smoking hot from activity and from initial feedback this commentary was hugely beneficial to the public. Please do reach out and feedback what else would help with facilitating consumption of Tech content and news. You can see below from some of the Analytics that EMC Elect made their presence felt at this conference (in the most positive sense of the word).


In my last post I indicated that there was going to be a number of announcements that would highlight how the joint engineering efforts are moving at a rate of knots! Dell EMC World did not disappoint in this regard and below is a summary of the announcements;

  • VXRAIL 4.0: Dell PowerEdge servers now included, 3 node entry point, 5 VXRAIL series announced all quotable by November 12th. Chad Sakac has gone into good detail in this post. When this combines with vSAN 6.5 it will be very hard to beat in the HCI Appliance market.
  • Data Domain: Software/Virtual Edition version qualified on Poweredge servers now flash optimised is Cloud Enabled to Tier to cloud storage.
  • Isilon All-Flash: With twice the cluster capacity as well as much higher performance improvements of than that of hybrid solutions, Sam Shouse does a good summary of the product release here.
  • SC Midrange Storage: It’s not going away and in fact is being added to ViPR Controller support, powerpath support, VPLEX support and plans underway to have a Recoverpoint splitter.
  • ECS 3.0: Made up of 5 parts, Enterprise Features update (monitoring, retention and platform lockdown), ECS Dedicated Cloud Storage (off-premises to Virtustream housed ECS units), New D-Series hardware (for dense configurations 64% improvement), ECS Software certified on Dell poweredge servers and Integration with Data Domain as a supported cloud tier target.
  • XtremIO: This system just goes from strength to strength! Scale out File announced utilising Dell’s Fluidfs. I was lucky to attend a sneak peek of this technology (release due H22017) in a private session put on for the media (including Social media) and press.

There was so many good briefings and presentation sessions that one could not fit them all in. If anyone is looking for the publicly available session decks you can find them all here for viewing or download.

There was some very interesting Partner sessions too but one I made a point of attending was Positioning the Dell EMC Storage portfolio. There was some really hot debates going on here (yip I was no shrinking violet for those that know me LOL) and if it showed anything it was that the Partner/Channel are a passionate bunch who care about their customers and the Dell EMC Solutions we jointly bring to the market.

There is so much more to report but if I delay any longer with this it will never get out.

Above all I am really glad my goal of connecting with new people (re-establishing old connections) and making new friends came to fruition. Oh an Austin Salt Lick BBQ has to be experienced at least once in you life 🙂


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