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After much discussion and debate the new DellEMC Social Influencers group has been established. The group combines EMCElect and Dell TechCenter Rockstars groups to represent the new world now the acquisition of EMC by Dell is complete and well behind us.

As the title of the post indicates we have a name but now we need to recruit members. Nominations are now open so please feel free to nominate yourself or other individuals who you feel are deserving of your vote. Ideal candidates will add value to the social and community engagement of the Dell EMC brand. Whether this be sharing content on the various social feeds, producing blog content, providing technical assistance on the various technical community sites, evangelising Dell EMC technology or acting as a leader for your organisation in Dell EMC technology including 360 feedback to product management on constructive feedback on areas for the betterment of your own team but others by proxy.

Nominations are open from February 27th until March 17th. Nomination form can be found here. Get busy and vote! 

As a founder of this newly established group I have the privilege to be a judge for 2017 members. The benefits are that you get to be part of a close group with privileged access to product management and roadmap info as well as pre-release presentation of major product releases in your focus area. The group itself is a great experience to collaborate with peers who are like minded but vary in role types within Customer, Partner and Dell EMC organisations.

If you are unsure what the DellEMC community is all about you can reach out to me on twitter, linkedIn or comment here. Happy to help. Also you can the check out the DellEMCElect open community page here.

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